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Catalena Hatters has been producing quality custom hats for over thirty years.

Owned and operated by Sammy and Carolyn Catalena of Bryan, Texas, the family business boasts two sons, Scott and Travis Catalena also working on a daily basis within its custom hat operation. 

Sammy and Carolyn were always interested in custom hats and wanted to own their own custom hat operation. When shown a magazine advertisement for the sale of a Florida hatter, Sammy traveled to Florida to take a look. The owner made it clear that he would only sell his equipment to someone who would use it for custom work only and not sell out to a larger company.

wall of hats
After returning to Texas with positive reports, Sammy made all the necessary arrangements and was on his way back to Florida to pick up the machinery and supplies. Once set up in Bryan, Sammy and Carolyn were able to start living their dream of owning and operating a custom hat business. 

Once the doors opened in October of 1983, there were many lessons to be learned and  Catalena Hatters was well on the way to success in felt hat renovations and with its own brand of custom hats.

Sammy is also a rancher and a PRCA Stock Contractor, meaning he understands the needs of his customers and how fashions have changed over the years, from the urban cowboy craze in the seventies to the Gus style of recent years. In fact,  Catalena Hatters was the first custom hatter to advertise and sell the Gus hat style made popular by the movie Lonesome Dove.

Mail order’s have always been an important part of  Catalena Hatters’ success. In over thirty years of operation, we have sent hats to nearly every continent in the world. Every order is handled with the same personal touch that has built  Catalena Hatters.

Family Owned & Operated since 1983

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