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Quality Descriptions

Buying our one of a kind custom felt hats starts with choosing the quality of the material.

10X - Starts at $349

The Catalena 10X is made from 100% Rabbit Fur. The highest quality Rabbit Fur hat you'll find. It makes a good starter hat and wears well. However, it does not hold up as well with daily wear and tear as our higher quality beaver blend hats.

20X - Starts at $499

The Catalena 20X is great for everyday use. Will hold up better to a working cowboy's punishment and also looks great for frequent dress use. It's a blend of Rabbit and Beaver Fur and will hold its shape and size better than a rabbit fur hat.

50X - Starts at $629

The Catalena 50X is higher grade beaver blend for someone looking for that something extra in a blend. The 50X also comes with a higher grade sweatband and silk lining.

100X - Starts at $899

Made from 100% Beaver Fur, this is the best hat you can buy today, simple as that. This hat is for the person who really punishes a hat daily and expects it to hold up under the worst conditions; or those who know hats and simply expect the highest quality. The Catalena 100X offers the highest level of resistance to water while still holding its shape and is thin, crisp, and comfortable, exactly what you expect from a 100% beaver hat. It also comes with the finest quality lambskin sweatband and colored silk lining.

Hat Size Chart

To measure your head, use a soft measuring tape and measure about 1" above the eyebrow and around the widest portion of the back of the head (you can adjust this if your hat rests differently on your head). Use this measurement in inches to find the corresponding hat size on the chart below.

American Size
Size in Inches
6 1/2 20 3/8"
6 5/8 20 3/4"
6 3/4 21 1/8"
 6 7/8 21 1/2"
 7 21 7/8"
 7 1/8 22 3/8"
 7 1/4 22 3/4"
7 3/8 23 1/8"
7 1/2 23 1/2"
7 5/8 23 7/8"
7 3/4 24 1/4"
7 7/8 24 3/4"
8 25 1/8"

Hat Colors

Hat Color - Black
Hat Color - Chocolate
Hat Color - Silverbelly
Hat Color – Silvermist
Hat Color - Bone
Hat Color - Dark Belly
Dark Belly
Hat Color - Saddle Tan
Saddle Tan
Hat Color - Dark Gray
Dark Grey
Hat Color - Steel Grey
 Steel Grey
Hat Color - Medium Grey
Medium Grey
Hat Color - Natural

Head Shape Chart

Below you will find the Catalena Hatters oval shape chart. The images below show the head shape as viewed from above plus descriptions of how "off-the-shelf" hats fit if your head is the corresponding shape.


Long Oval

Long Oval

Hats "off the shelf" are usually tight front and back.  Usually gaps on sides above ears. 
Round Oval

Hats "off the shelf" are usually slightly tight on the sides.
Wide Oval

Wide Oval

Wider and fuller in back. Hats "off the shelf" are usually very tight on the sides and gap in the front and back.
Regular Oval

Between long oval & round oval. Hats "off the shelf" are slightly narrower in front and slightly rounder and wider in the back.

Black Gus crease with a narrow, soft brim. Shown with a black leather band, black bound edge and a pencil curl.

The picture shown is sporting these specs:

  • Color: Black
  • Crown Height: 5 3/4" (Standard)
  • Hat Band: Leather
  • Brim Length: 4 (Standard)
  • Extras: Bound edge and pencil curl

Use the options below to customize this hat to your liking.

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